What is Colic?

By Dr Tommy TranBabies11 May 2015



Fussy and irritable babies are one of the most common things we get asked about at the 6 week follow-up. In most babies, this is related to colic. Colic is a condition where babies cry and fuss for at least 3 hours a day, for 3 days a week, for 3 consecutive weeks. It is extremely common and will not cause your baby any long term harm. It is commonly thought that reflux can cause or contribute to colic, but there has been a gradual shift away from using medication. There are a small number of medical conditions that can cause fussiness in babies, and you should speak to your health care professional if you are concerned.

For colic, there is no silver bullet, but one things that does work, is time. In the majority of babies, they will simply outgrow their colic but around 3 months of age, so long as they are growing and developing normally. For helpful information, you can have a look at these websites.




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