What does a developmental paediatrician do?

By Dr Andrea McGladeGeneral16 Jul 2018

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Have you ever wondered why your child does things that just don’t seem right or exhibits behaviour that you haven’t observed in other children?

Perhaps you’ve worried that your child can’t do things that you see other children doing with ease?

Niggling worries?

Questioning whether things are ‘normal’?

Feeling like none of the usual parenting strategies are working?

If these are part of your daily routine as a parent then perhaps a developmental paediatrician can help make sense of things and either provide reassurance or an explanation and a plan.

My name is Dr Andrea McGlade and I am a Specialist Developmental Paediatrician working as part of the Paeds in a pod team at Greenslopes Hospital, Brisbane.

As a specialist in developmental paediatrics, I have undertaken extra study over and above general paediatrics – it includes training in learning and development, autism, infant and child mental health, and trauma. The reason I’ve done this and continued to work and build my skills and experience in this area is because it’s what I love to do.

I always feel a sense of privilege when families trust me to share their concerns for their child. There’s nothing more important to us as parents than our children, and there’s few things more painful than watching your child struggle. It’s especially difficult when children have challenging behaviour and you feel your effectiveness and confidence as a parent is at a low – and then to have to explain and share that journey with someone new. An integral part of my role is to understand this space for parents and then work together – not just for your child but for you as parents.

This post was written by our newest Specialist Developmental Paediatrician Dr Andrea McGlade.

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