Is your child living with allergies?

Causes and symptoms of childhood allergies are extremely diverse and can cause different degrees of discomfort. Some symptoms seem mild enough to treat at home with over the counter medications, however, if reactions become more frequent or serious, it’s important to seek diagnosis and treatment from an paediatric allergy specialist or Allergist.

A more serious reaction is known as anaphylaxis and represents a life threatening allergic response that must be treated immediately should it occur.

Through testing, an allergist can identify the allergens that cause your child’s symptoms. Your allergist can also help manage medication side effects, and offer advice on immunotherapy options.

Dr Alberto Pinzon Charry specialises in the treatment and management of diseases resulting from abnormalities of the immune system in children, including:

  • Allergic diseases – including food allergies and intolerances, eczema, insect and drug allergies, anaphylaxis, allergic rhinitis and asthma
  • Urticaria and angioedema
  • Immunodeficiency diseases

As a parent to two teenage children, Dr Pinzon Charry understands the challenges families living with children with allergies are faced with.

Dr Pinzon Charry works in partnership with Paeds in a pod practitioners, including a nutritionist, gastroenterologist and general paediatricians, as well as other specialists and allied health service professionals to provide the highest level of quality medical care for your child(ren).

If your child is experiencing regular symptoms or side effects from allergies, it may be time to seek paediatric specialist care. Make an appointment with Dr Pinzon Charry, call 07 3177 2000 or use the booking form to make an appointment.

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