Rachel Cuskelly

Rachel Cuskelly

Provisional Psychologist

BPsych(Hons); MProfPsychAshgrove

Independent health professional providing services to patients from Paeds in a Pod rooms.


Rachel Cuskelly is a psychologist who particularly enjoys working with children and adolescents.

Rachel can assess, diagnose and treat children for a range of disorders, especially those experiencing:

  • mental illness
  • emotional regulation issues
  • low self-esteem
  • cognitive disorders.

Her emphasis is on building strong connections with children to help them manage and overcome their unique challenges.

Rachel’s motivation to become a psychologist came from watching people around her struggle with various psychological and cognitive disorders. She began to understand the importance of early intervention for children and adolescents to help them achieve long-term, positive outcomes.

Her career path began at the University of New England in her hometown of Armidale, where she graduated in 2022 with a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours). She then graduated from Brisbane’s Griffith University in 2023 with a Master of Professional Psychology.

As a registered provisional psychologist, she is awaiting full registration while completing a year of professional development and supervision. She was ecstatic to be given the opportunity to do this at Paeds in a Pod, having undertaken a placement with the practice during her Masters year.

Rachel’s other work experience includes volunteering as a Lifeline crisis supporter. This involved managing self-harm and suicide risk for individuals in extreme distress.

When working with children, Rachel enjoys getting to understand them and their worlds. She is mindful that seeing a psychologist can be daunting for children so she tries her best to create a warm environment where they can relax and be themselves. She says one of the best feelings is seeing a shy, quiet child become more comfortable and begin to open up.

She also loves bringing some fun into therapy and trying to make it a positive experience for children and their caregivers.

For weekend fun, Rachel likes to go kayaking or spend the day at the beach with family and friends. She also relaxes by watching movies, listening to music, and playing Pokemon and other games.

Further information and resources

  • Kids Helpline – FREE online and phone counselling for children plus parent resources


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