Julie Power

Julie Power


M.Psych(Health) BSc(Hons)Ashgrove, Woolloongabba

Julie Power is a qualified psychologist passionate about helping children and young people through life and the challenges it brings, socially and emotionally and in the way they may behave.

With over 20 years’ experience in the psychology field, Julie has become a specialist in early intervention and positive behaviour support for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and developmental disabilities. Julie also specialises in specialist disability assessment and diagnostic assessment and planning.

With a focus on the unique needs of each child, Julie works to support and guide family members and support networks around the child. Through taking a family-centred and holistic approach, she is able to provide and assist families to identify goals and develop a plan that benefits the child and their family in a far reaching and long-term way.

Julie specialises in providing services across the full spectrum of needs, from educational and advisory services to complex and specialised clinical support. She is also able to give advice on or link families with broader networks, including services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Julie will plan the first meeting with family members or carers to identify the child’s needs for services and use informal play-based assessment to gather an understanding of the child or young person. Through her caring and friendly style, Julie can create a safe space for children and families to share their story and access support.

Julie brings together her studies, including her Masters of Psychology (M.Psych) and Bachelor of Science Honours (BSc Hons), and her professional experience as a psychologist in her private practice, the state government and the disability sector to provide tailored treatment plans for children.

Julie helps a child in their:

  • understanding of emotions in different life settings and stages
  • communication of thoughts feelings and experiences
  • social thinking for building friendships
  • confidence in themselves and resilience
  • ability to cope with environments they may find overwhelming
  • ability to social problem-solve.

Julie helps parents and other family members in their:

  • understanding of their child’s needs
  • responsibilities as key decision makers, in developing goals for intervention
  • approach to managing daily challenges with their child
  • resilience to support their child into the long term.

As a mother herself, Julie understands the critical role of parents and carers to access the services so that their child may reach their full potential. Julie can help families feel more confident to manage the everyday and enjoy their family time.

Julie can work with the educators, allied health and medical professionals and other support services to ensure the best outcomes for a child and their family. Appointments can also be made at times that suit busy families.


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