Jessica Freese


BENS, MDietMackay

Independent health professional providing services to patients from Paeds in a Pod rooms.


Jessica works to empower families and to increase confidence regarding nutrition. She assesses dietary and lifestyle patterns and provides personalised, family-centred strategies and advice based on the latest evidence, to improve children’s health through nutrition.

Her experience is broad and includes faltering growth, tube feeding and weaning, allergies and intolerances, endocrine disorders (including diabetes and Prader Willi syndrome), introduction to solids, and general healthy eating across all age groups.

Areas of special interest for Jessica are childhood overweight and obesity management, fussy eating, and food aversion. When working in this area she combines creativity and family-centred strategy to achieve nutrition goals.

Jessica achieved a Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition of Science (BENS) in 2015, and a Master of Dietetics (MDiet) in 2017, both from The University of Queensland.

She has worked with Children’s Health Queensland, the Queensland Child and Youth Clinical Network, the Queensland Children’s Hospital and in private practice. She is a member of the Dietitians Association of Australia and Dietitian Connection.

She is excited by new research and takes great pride in helping children and their families to better understand and enjoy food, and to feel confident in their ability to achieve their goals. She is rewarded by their smiles and their pride in becoming more independent in formulating their own strategies.

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