Dr Lee Xian Lee

Dr Lee Xian Lee

General Paediatrician


Dr Lee Xian Lee is a General Paediatrician who works to improve the lives of children and their families by treating each patient as an individual with a unique set of goals and needs. He helps maintain the wellbeing of patients ranging from infants to young adults through holistic diagnoses, treatment, monitoring, and prevention.

Dr Lee has a special interest in the management of constipation in children. He also has experience in other areas of paediatrics, including general paediatrics, neonatal intensive care, paediatric intensive care, paediatric respiratory medicine, paediatric nephrology, and mental health.

Dr Lee received a Bachelor of Medicine, Surgery, Obstetric and Gy in 2007 from the Queen’s University of Belfast. He also completed a Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, Paediatric and Child Health Division in 2020.

Dr Lee began his career in 2011 as a basic trainee. He worked at the Ipswich Hospital and then the Hervey Bay Hospital as a paediatric registrar. He spent six years working at the Queensland Children’s Hospital, where he gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in multiple areas of paediatrics. He also worked as a psychiatric registrar for six months with the Child Youth Mental Health Services. He finished his training as a general paediatric fellow at Ipswich Hospital between 2020 and 2021.

Dr Lee’s fascination with the growth and development of children at their early stages of life is what inspired him to seek a career in paediatrics. He embraces the challenges that working with children brings, as no two children are the same, which makes finding the right treatment and seeing the positive results that much more rewarding.

Dr Lee enjoys playing basketball during his free time and manages his own basketball team. He is also interested in training young, aspiring basketball players and loves watching them improve at the game.

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