Dr Claire Gibbons

Dr Claire Gibbons

Developmental and General Paediatrician

BSc. MBBS FRACP Dip.DermSamford

Dr Claire Gibbons’ will be coming soon to our Samford location.


Dr Claire Gibbons’ work is centred on helping children to reach their developmental potential.

She supports families with the early diagnosis, treatment and coordination of care for children from birth to 17 years. She assists each child and their family to recognise that child’s strengths, embracing and enhancing them, while also working towards improving areas of difficulty.

As a qualified Community and General Paediatrician, Dr Gibbons primarily works in developmental paediatrics, including autism, ADHD, learning difficulties and developmental trauma. She thinks of creative ways to make medicine relevant. Her special interest is in child protection and advocacy. As a mother of triplets, she also enjoys helping parents to navigate the challenges of multiple births.

Dr Gibbons achieved her Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in 2003 and her Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in 2009, both from The University of Queensland. She holds a Diploma of Dermatology (Dip.Derm) from the Australian Institute of Dermatology, which she achieved in 2011, and will qualify for her Masters in Forensic Medicine in 2019.

Dr Gibbons considers it a privilege to be part of each child’s life, watching them grow and embrace their honesty, wonder and excitement with the world.


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