Paediatric speech pathology

What is it?

Speech pathology, also known as speech therapy, centres on diagnosing and treating people experiencing difficulties with voice, speaking, fluency (stuttering), articulation, listening, understanding language, reading and writing.


Who do we help?

Our consultant speech pathologists help babies and toddlers experiencing delays in their talking. They support children and teens with speech and language development and reading and writing skills. They also see children with autism spectrum disorders to help with their social interaction and communication skills.

You might seek the support of a speech pathologist if your child is having problems being understood by other people or has difficulty understanding what others say, has a husky voice that’s hard to hear, stutters, has a cleft palate, has an intellectual disability or needs help learning to read.


What do we do?

We will connect you with independent speech pathologists who work one-on-one with babies, toddlers, children and teens to help them find the best way to communicate to meet their needs.

Their approach is always tailored to suit the individual needs of the patient and every session is different. It might involve looking at pictures, playing games, learning new words but always includes lots of praise for trying and succeeding.

Your child’s speech pathologist will:

  • assess and diagnose your child’s level of ability
  • design a program to help develop the skills and abilities that are needed
  • develop communication aids and communication methods to your child – this could include the use of signs, symbols, gestures and other forms of assisted communication
  • provide education for you, your family, and your child’s educators
  • work with other specialists to provide a holistic solution to your child’s care needs

If your child is experiencing communication difficulties, it may be time to seek the advice and support of a paediatric speech pathologist.

To make an appointment with a specialist, call Paeds in a Pod on 07 3177 2000 or use the booking form.

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