For some kids, everyday activities can be challenging – but a rehabilitation program can help.

Some children have conditions that limit their physical abilities, such as cerebral palsy, nerve or muscle conditions. Injuries and accidents can also make daily activities more difficult. Whatever the condition, a well managed, individualised rehabilitation program can produce meaningful results. 


Setting “good goals”

Rehabilitation aims to maximise your child’s ability in everyday life activities. Setting personalised goals that are relevant, achievable and measurable is an important first step in driving the development and management of a suitable rehabilitation program.

Start small

If your child dreams of playing soccer but has difficulty running, the ideal first goal is to work on running ability. Setting a realistic timeframe and parameters makes this goal measurable. A sample “good goal” might be running for 20 metres without tripping within 6 months.

Measuring progress

All goals need to be reviewed and updated as progress is made. Children respond to therapy at different rates depending on their physical abilities and limitations. Adjusting goals as skills develop will ensure your child gets the best out of their rehabilitation program.

Achieve your goals

Our paediatric rehabilitation team are highly skilled and focused on improving function and independence for your child. We develop custom programs to suit each patient’s goals – considering age appropriateness, family lifestyle, and their natural environment – and managing each program to achieve the best outcomes for their individual needs.

Our Rehabilitation Team includes:

  • Rehabilitation Specialists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech Pathologists
  • Physiotherapists

Need help with rehabilitation?

If your child is experiencing regular symptoms or side effects from conditions that limit their physical abilities, it may be time to seek specialist care.

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