Paediatric Plastic Surgery

What is it?

Paediatric reconstructive and plastic surgery is centred on the correction of body and facial abnormalities in children. These can result from birth defects, other surgeries, accident, injury or illness. The goal of the surgery is typically to restore and improve body function and sometimes appearance and, with it, self-esteem.


Who do we help?

Our paediatric plastic surgeon sees children of all ages, from babies through to teens, who may need corrective surgery to the head, face, skull and ear. He is also a paediatric upper limb surgeon and sees children with congenital upper limb deformities and upper limb injuries.

This includes patients with:

  • cleft lip, including cleft lip revision
  • cleft palate and cleft palate revision
  • craniosynostoses and other head-shape abnormalities
  • speech surgery
  • alveolar bone graft
  • rhinoplasty
  • ear surgery/otoplasty
  • birthmarks and vascular abnormalities
  • paediatric skin lesions
  • dermoids
  • congenital naevi
  • scar revisions.

For many, the surgery is a life-changing event as it maximises their ability to live a full and rewarding life and improves their sense of self and confidence.


What do we do?

Our team supports our patients and their families through every stage, from the initial consultation to post-surgery rehabilitation and care.


  • meet with you and your child to consider and discuss the reasons for the surgery – all potential possibilities are discussed and explored
  • explain the expected outcomes in detail
  • coordinate any x-rays and scans, as needed
  • complete the operation at the Queensland Children’s Hospital or Mater Hospital Brisbane
  • work with other physical therapists to support the child’s recovery

If your child has abnormalities of the face, body and upper limbs that need correction, it may be time to seek the advice and support of a paediatric plastic surgeon. Make an appointment with the Paeds in a pod specialist team today by calling 07 3177 2000 or using the booking form.

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