Paediatric occupational therapy

What is it?

Occupational therapy supports people of all ages to do the things they like and need to do in their everyday lives. Dressing, eating a meal, using the toilet, writing, playing games and sport, social participation and organisational skills are all examples of everyday activities that occupational therapy can support.


Who do we help?

Babies, children and adolescents experiencing illness or disability or changes as they grow older may all benefit from occupational therapy. Our occupational therapists also see children with autism spectrum disorders to assist with managing their behaviours and improving their socialisation and play.


What do we do?

At Paeds in a pod, our occupational therapists aim to maximise every patient’s participation in everyday activities, improving their health, wellbeing and independence. Our support is broad ranging and our approach is tailored to suit the individual needs of the baby, child or young person we are supporting.


  • evaluate each patient’s challenges and strengths
  • undertake special assessments, as required
  • perform sensory profiles and develop strategies to help manage the sensory differences which are commonly seen in children with autism spectrum disorders
  • use a range of therapeutic processes to foster skills development • help teach self-regulation skills for children with behavioural difficulties
  • educate and support family members and caregivers, including educators, on community-centred approaches
  • offer advice regarding the modification of environments and adaptation of processes
  • engage with psychosocial occupational therapists who are also trained in mental health in helping children manage anxiety and behaviour.

If your child finds everyday activities challenging or hesitates to participate, it may be time to seek the advice and support of a paediatric occupational therapist. Make an appointment with the Paeds in a pod specialist team today by calling 07 3177 2000 or using the booking form.

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