What is it?

Some babies are in a rush to enter the world, arriving well ahead of their expected delivery date, very small and underdeveloped. Others face difficulties in utero or at birth and are born unwell. Neonatologists are special physicians who provide the medical attention that may be immediately required following a baby’s birth. They also take care of premature babies and newborns up to 12 months of age.


Who do we help?

The independent neonatologists practising from our rooms help tiny and not-so-tiny newborns experiencing difficulty immediately after birth. They provide coverage to Greenslopes Private Hospital maternity services. In some cases they attend deliveries if your obstetrician has detected a potential problem or difficulty before birth. They also review patients in the special care nursery and see newborns on the postnatal ward.


What do we do?

Your neonatologist will provide the specialist care and attention that is required to stabilise your newborn’s condition if there are complications with the delivery or if your baby is born with major health issues. They then care for babies in the special care nursery and postnatal ward. They have specialised skills that allow them to take care of newborns in order to provide an optimal environment to reach their full potential.

A neonatologist will:

  • stabilise newborns with life-threatening medical problems
  • diagnose and treat breathing disorders, infections and birth defects
  • coordinate care, medical management and surgery
  • manage proper nutrition for healing and growth, including finding alternative ways of feeding for babies who have difficulty suckling or feeding on formula milk
  • administer medication
  • provide critical support to parents and families of critically ill babies.

If your baby faced difficulties at birth, you may wish to seek the advice and support of a neonatologist.

To make an appointment with a specialist, call Paeds in a Pod on 07 3177 2000 or use the booking form.

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