Late Payments and Restriction Information

We understand that sometimes the unexpected happens and your payment is late. If you know you will be making a late payment in advance, you can simply set up a payment plan to let us know the date that you will be able to make payment. Setting up a payment plan helps to avoid late charges and service restrictions.

How do I arrange a payment plan?

You can easily arrange a payment plan with us at no additional cost by:

  • Email to¬† the Administration Manager requesting a payment plan and indicating your proposed payment amounts and frequency
  • Phone with one of our friendly administration team on 07 31772000 (8am-5.00pm AET Monday to Friday)

Payment Plans:

You can set up a payment plan via credit card or EFT, you can also spread the payment over multiple smaller payments in a payment plan. The payment plan you set up must be completed within the agreed period.

If you miss any payments in an arranged payment plan you will automatically be charged an administration fee of $25.00

If you miss a payment in a second payment plan, you are at risk of being referred to our collections agent.

What happens immediately if I miss my payment?

We will be in touch via phone or email to let you know that we are missing your payment. We will also ask that you arrange a payment plan as soon as possible. If we do not hear from you, and payment still has not been made, then we will contact you via phone or email to let you know that we may need to restrict your service(s).

Are there late fees associated with missed payments?

A $25.00 administration fee for missed payments is charged for each declined transaction or if a payment is missed in the agreed payment plan.

Will my access to services be restricted?

We will contact you via phone or email in the event of a missed payment plan payment. If we do not receive

any contact from you, and you do not fix up the missed payment plan payment on your account, we will then be

in touch via phone or email to let you know that access to services will be restricted We are here to help, but you must be

willing to work with us for any overdue payments.

  • Patients/clients who have restricted access to services are not entitled to compensation.
  • Administration feed will be added to your payment plan even if the access to services is restricted.
  • Continued non-payment after restriction may result termination of services and possible debt collection.



If we do not receive payment for this overdue account within agreed timeframe, or multiple attempts to contact you are unsuccessful, we will refer your account to our debt recovery service. Your access to Paeds in a Pod will be terminated and future appointments and care will cease. An administration fee will be applied to the account and debt recovery will commence through our collection agency.

What happens if I am referred to a collections agent?

  • You will be liable for an administration fee of 25% of the outstanding account.
  • You will need to contact us to arrange full payment or a payment plan to avoid further action.

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