Late Payments and Restriction Information

At Paeds in a Pod we understand that unforeseen circumstances can sometimes arise and your payment may be late.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, or are aware in advance that your payment may be late, we have payment plan options available to alleviate stress and allow us to continue to provide ongoing care to our patients. Our staff will endeavour to work with you to set up a plan with a realistic timeframe and that takes into account your personal circumstances.

Our payment plans are in place to support parents/guardians to ensure they do not incur late charges or restricted services.

How do I arrange a payment plan?

There are number of ways in which we can support parents/guardians arrange a payment plan at no additional cost. Please follow the below steps to receive additional support.

Send an email to addressed to the Administration Manager requesting a payment plan as well as proposed instalments and frequency.

Alternatively, you can call Paeds in a Pod and speak with one of our friendly administration team on 07 3177 2000 between 9.00 am – 4.00 pm AET Monday to Friday.

Payment Plans

A payment plan allows you to break down your payment into smaller amounts and spread instalments over a fixed period of time. Within a payment plan, you pay back an agreed sum of money weekly, fortnightly, or monthly until the balance is cleared. Payment plans can be set up using credit card or EFT. The choice is yours.

Paeds in a Pod staff work with parents/guardians to arrange a payment plan that is manageable.

Sometimes, parents/guardians may be unable to meet their payment obligations, if this is the case, please contact us immediately. On each instance that a payment is missed, it will automatically attract/be charged an administration fee of $25.00.

If we are unable to contact you, or if missed payments are ongoing, the outstanding account plus any accrued administration fee will be at risk of being referred to a collection agency to recover all outstanding amounts.

This is a last resort with our preference being to work directly with the parents/guardians to resolve payment concerns.

What happens immediately if I miss a payment?

One of our administration team will be in contact with you via phone or email to advise that a payment has been missed. Our team will work with you to arrange payment as soon as possible.

If we are unable to contact you or do not hear from you, and a payment is still pending, all services will be restricted, and the outstanding account plus any accrued administration fee will be sent to a collection agency.

Are there late fees associated with missed payments?

Patients should be aware that if a payment is missed, they will incur a $25.00 administration fee for each declined transaction or if a payment is missed in an agreed payment period.

Our team will attempt to contact you via phone or email, in the event a payment is missed. If we are unable to contact you and the missed payment is not resolved/settled in a timely manner, all services will be restricted until we are able to discuss this further and the outstanding account plus any accrued administration fee will be sent to a collection agency.

Paeds in a Pod will always endeavour to work with parents/guardians concerning overdue accounts and establish a payment plan that works in the best interest of both parties.

  • Families (patients) who have restricted access to services are not entitled to compensation.
  • An administration fee will be added to your payment plan even if the access to services is restricted.
  • Continued non-payment after restriction may result in the termination of services and the outstanding account plus any accrued administration fee will be sent to a collection agency.

Debt Recovery

Paeds in a Pod avoids taking this course of action at all costs. However, from time to time it is necessary to involve third-party agencies to recover outstanding payments. If we do not receive payment for overdue accounts within the specified timeframe and have made multiple attempts to contact you, we will be left with no other choice than to engage third party services to manage this matter.

At this time, your access to Paeds in a Pod services will be terminated and all future appointments will cease until payment is received. An administration fee will be applied to the account and debt recovery will commence through a collection agency.

What happens if I am referred to a collection agency?

When a business engages the services of a collection agency, it becomes the collection agency’s responsibility to communicate with the customer to recover all outstanding amounts.

There will be additional costs incurred through this process, which will include a 25% administration fee of the outstanding account.

To avoid this course of action, you will need to contact us promptly and arrange full payment or establish a payment plan to avoid further action being taken.


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