Paediatric allergy and immunology

What is it?

Paediatric allergy and immunology is centred on the diagnosis, treatment and management of complex allergic disease, severe allergies including life-threatening responses such as anaphylaxis, food and medication allergies, immunodeficiencies, autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases and more.


Who do we help?

If your baby, child or teen has allergies, their system wrongly reacts to things that are usually harmless, such as pollen, dust, insect stings, food and medications. If your baby, child or teen’s immune system is not functioning normally, they may suffer with frequent, severe and uncommon infections. We can connect you with a specialist who can find and treat these allergies and immune system problems.

This includes the treatment of allergic diseases, including food allergies and intolerances, eczema, insect and drug allergies, anaphylaxis, allergic rhinitis and asthma, urticaria and angioedema, and immunodeficiency diseases.


What do we do?

Each independent paediatric immunologist understands the extremely diverse causes and symptoms of childhood allergies and the different degrees of discomfort they can bring. They also understand the challenges that abnormalities of the immune system can deliver.

They work in partnership with our contracted dietitians, gastroenterologists and paediatricians, as well as other health service professionals to provide a holistic approach to allergy and immunology care. Their experience in working with children of all ages allows them to reach a diagnosis sooner.

Your paediatric immunologist will:

  • provide an accurate diagnosis, including skin prick testing, respiratory function testing, food challenges, medication challenges and more
  • prepare a comprehensive, customised treatment plan – this may include avoidance of the things that cause symptoms, immunotherapy or medication, and specialised treatments for a weakened immune system
  • support your child and your family with the ongoing management of your child’s allergy or immunodeficiency disease.

If your child is living with allergies or is experiencing symptoms or side effects from exposure to the world around them, or their immune system is not functioning properly, you may wish to seek the advice and support of a paediatric allergist and immunologist. 

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Practitioners who can help with Allergies and Immunology:


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